Beautiful Temple Picture Sale

I usually don't do a lot of posts outside writing and book-related stuff, but I had to share this gorgeous temple pictures. I'd definitely hang one (or several) on my walls. They inspire imagination and peace all at the same time. Enjoy! Havenlight is having a VIP inventory blowout sale at their warehouse in American … Continue reading Beautiful Temple Picture Sale

The Lost Wonderland Diaries Review

The Lost Wonderland Diaries by J. Scott Savage Middle Grade Fantasy Something monstrous wants to exit Wonderland and enter the real world.   Lewis Carroll, author of the classic book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, secretly recorded the true story of his actual travels to Wonderland in four journals which have been lost to the world … Continue reading The Lost Wonderland Diaries Review

The Lady and the Highwayman Review

Elizabeth Black is the headmistress of a girls’ school and a well-respected author of “silver-fork” novels, stories written both for and about the upper-class ladies of Victorian society. But by night, she writes very different kinds of stories—the Penny Dreadfuls that are all the rage among the working-class men. Under the pseudonym Mr. King, Elizabeth … Continue reading The Lady and the Highwayman Review