Publishing Mind Games: Lessons Learned

I have learned so many things over the last few months as I’ve prepared, and watched others work so hard to prepare, for the Mind Games Anthology Launch.

To prevent boredom, I’ll sum up just a few of them today.

It truly does take a village to get a book, short story, etc. from drafting to publication. Without the anthology from LDS Beta Readers, my little story wouldn’t have a home. Also, it has taken pooling the talents of so many awesome people to get the story critiqued, accepted, formatted, and now launched. And, of course, readers who care about the story and want to read it are very important! 😉

The talents of others are something to celebrate not fear. That seems silly, but I’ll admit I struggle with it. When I read the anthology, I was blown away by the talent included and started to feel my story was so amateurish and dumb compared to theirs. But we all have a message to share in our unique way. That diversity is amazing! Now as I read other books, rather than feel like I’ll never write that well, I look for what I can learn from them to strengthen my own voice and talents.

People aren’t waiting around for my book. They have lots of other stuff to keep them busy and occupied for years to come without my stories and books. While this can be discouraging, it is also humbling that anyone would take the time to read my work. It has also taught me a ton about having a good author platform and marketing. Lots to learn on both fronts still, but it’s a start. I wouldn’t even know how much I have to learn without this opportunity.

Gratitude for everyone that helped get me this far. It has been a long journey, getting a novel published will be even longer, but this experience has taught me to enjoy each step rather than obsess over the destination. To embrace the amazing people I befriend along the way. And, most importantly, how awesome my family and friends are in their support of this crazy endeavor.

Publication it awesome! That feeling of holding your book in your hands . . . Yeah, so addicting. Guess I better keep writing so I can experience it again.

Thanks to everyone for this amazing opportunity and your support!


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