The short version:

Marla lives in the way too humid midwest where mosquitoes frequently mistake her for food. While juggling raising future evil masterminds, serving in various capacities, and the obligatory requirements needed to live, she makes as much time for writing and reading as she can. She’d invite you to dinner, but it may have burned while she plotted how to torture her latest victim, ahem, character. Anyone up for pizza?

Published works:

Siren’s Snare in Mindgames Anthology

Fool’s Gold in Love Undefined Anthology

More books to come!

The long version:

When I was ten, I wrote my first book. A super dramatic tale of a high schooler who discovers her boyfriend is an alcoholic (no unicorns and rainbows for me). Later, my love of magical mayhem and characters who overcome impossible odds resulted in a couple fantasy books in my teen years. They were full of epicness beyond explanation. (Really, there are no words . )

Graduation from high school (and convincing myself writing wasn’t a real career) led me to put aside my silly stories and try to be an adult. Turns out that’s a lot harder than I thought. After bouncing from premed to medieval literature, I managed to graduate with my BA in English. (No, I cannot quote Shakespeare on demand. Yes, I have read obscure texts you’d need the Rosetta Stone to interpret.)

I half-heartedly tried my hand at writing for a few years while working a bunch of side jobs (still believing writing wasn’t a real career) and then had my first child. Worrying about providing for him, I suppressed my dreams even more until one day I realized . . . I wasn’t happy with my life. How could I teach my son to believe in himself and work hard to reach his goals, if I didn’t do it?

To avoid later accusations of hypocrisy, I dusted off years of neglect and pulled out my writing dreams again. The progress has been slow and oftentimes painful, but I wouldn’t trade it for a million dollars (well . . . maybe, if you throw in dark chocolate). One word at a time, I’m attempting to forge my story. It’s messy and full of bad hair days and too much chocolate (No such thing!), and one I hope leaves a lasting legacy for my son and others.

So, if you made it through that somewhat rambling introduction, I leave you one thing I’d wished I’d known earlier.

Believe in yourself and your ability to succeed!