17097821_10154555068448924_5501098522876619750_oSometimes the mind does more than play tricks on you—it plays twisted games. In this collaboration, wrap your brains around 25 stories ranging from soul-bending and heartbreaking to enchanting and sublime.
Follow a teacher trapped at a mysterious convention, a man whose only chance at survival is a finicky love potion, a student who sees the monsters in others, a Syrian boy coming to grips with a new reality, and many more.
This collection features award-winning offerings from established and up-and-coming authors from the LDS Beta Readers group. Are you ready to play?


Love Undefined CoverLove is unpredictable and can come in ways we least expect… sometimes from outside the solar system.

This collection contains eleven swoon-worthy love stories that redefine how two souls fall in love. From aliens and vampires, to phantoms and shape-shifters. Arranged marriages, sworn enemies, and even perfect strangers. Love can be found in the most unexpected places with the most unexpected people.
Find romance in unconventional ways by reading Love Undefined from the creative writers at LDS Beta Readers.

Includes a bonus flash fiction piece by bestselling author, Victorine Lieske!


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